Are you a sissy or not?

Getting things done is not about finding excuses why certain targets (this time) were not met. It is all about delivering results and doing whatever it takes to deliver the results. In the above picture I have illustrated three dimensions that profile people; and which I believe to be key in a high performance individual that always delivers. I do understand that there are many other factors in play but these are the core dimensions I wanted to discuss this time.

Let’s start with the clock speed of an individual as a measure of how fast her brain works overall and how quickly it connects previously disconnected dots. This is a pretty obvious dimension; the faster your processor works, the less time is needed for you to spend time on understanding things and structure of what and how; new things become familiar very quickly. The downside of a really fast processor is that most human beings appear to be really, really stupid while they are not stupid but you are simply much faster.

Then, let’s move onto a personal drive. You can have a really fast processor but no drive and will to go through the wall at all or just a minimal amount. A drive, which partly stems from motivation, is a highly personal feature. Some people are very intense while others are … not.

And finally, and most importantly, we come down to a super important dimension that strongly differentiates people from one another; their ability to stand and tolerate conflicts. Oftentimes when you need to get things done quickly; some tree cutting is always ahead: you need to make quick decisions (that not everybody is happy with but would rather continue analysis to get more comprehensive understanding of the ****ing whole); you need to make unrealistic demands from people who have families; and in a few critical situations you need to optimize short-term (to get an important thing done) in favor of keeping and nurturing an important personal relationship.

The ability to tolerate conflict is as defining feature as one’s clock speed. You can’t increase clock speed. And most people are not very good at making decisions that put them into conflict with other people.

That’s all for now folks. Good enough for a writing while drinking my Saturday afternoon coffee.

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