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Entrepreneurial CTO Wanted. Now! ;)

Something is developing a data-driven and science-based digital health solution for personalized chronic pain management. We are currently building our technical core and product teams in Finland.

The key requirements for this role include:

  • This is a hands-on role, you will initially act as the chief engineer and lead the software design efforts that drive efficient system architecture.
  • You have experience in both cloud based backend systems as well as mobile application development.
  • You have decent presentation skills, presenting the technology and product in front of potential clients or investors doesn’t freak you out.
  • You have the rare and coveted ability to both recruit and lead a killer full stack teck team.
  • You have passion in solving a major global healthcare challenge within the digital health domain.
  • You have prior startup experience in working in a venture or angel funded technology product startup.
  • Experience in working with big data, machine learning and AI systems is a plus.

If interested, please give me a call (+358 40 7250 476) or drop me an email at to talk and learn more about this opportunity.